07 November, 2011


There are a couple of legends around this topic. The first which I found says that this monster is one from the coldest places. It's made of mud and ice and feeds off flesh. It will attack just about anything for food, even other Wendigo's. It's also said that he can shape change into anything it wishes at any time it pleases.

Every legend about this monster agrees upon a few things. First, this beast is highly dangerous and should not be underestimated. Second, that it feeds upon flesh, preferably fresh. Lastly, that it learns extremely fast from any situation it's placed in.

The second legend I found says that the Wendigo was originally human. It's said that a wendigo is made from a person who has been forced into cannibalism to survive. Because the person ate human flesh it was the cursed and began to transform into the beast. It was often thought that people who have gone missing in the forests of northern america have fallen victim to the creature.

One last thing that the legends about this creature have in common is that the only way to kill a Wendigo is with fire.

There is a psychological condition that is unique to the Algonquin people labeled 'Wendigo Psychosis'. This is where the victom develops a craving for human flesh. 


  1. as am i, brother

  2. I have encountered many of these things before. I am a hunter of beasts.

  3. As a witch I believe these creatures could exist.

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