24 November, 2011


This creature is originally of Arab folk law. There is mention of them in the Qur'an as being dwellers of another dimension. These creatures are said to be made up of fire which is smokeless. Unlike most creatures of Folk Law and Legend, the Jinn are not specifically evil. They can be good, evil or in between, much like people. Northwestern arabian inscription that have been found, suggest that the Jinn were worshiped by the people residing there. However, the Qur'an condemns the worship of the Jinn, saying that only God should be worshiped. This could be related to the Christian idea not to worship idols.

The Jinn has been adapted within western culture into the Genie. A wish granting creature that, according to Hollywood, resides in a genies lamp, which you rub to call the genie out.

Both sides of the legend have made it into pop culture as icons of both good and evil. They have come into movies, such as Louis Leterrier's 'Clash of the Titans' and television series, such as Eric Kripke's 'Supernatural'.

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