11 November, 2011

Skin Walkers

There are many cultures around the world that have a myth about skin walkers. They are also often referred to as shape shifters, although I personally think of them as two separate things. One of the best documented legends revolving around skin walkers is that of the Navajo people. 

According to this legend it is said that, the ability to skin walk is associated with evil. It is rare that this ability is an attribute of a woman, in most cases it is a man who is the skin walker. Skin walking is also connected to witchery. 

In other legends a skin walker has to have the skin of a shape shifter to be able to change form. This is also linked with witchery as an enchantment/spell has to be preformed for this type of skin walking to be possible. 

Skin walking is generally associated with evil in most legends. This is where I've found the difference between shape shifting. Although shape shifters are seen as dangerous, they are not always evil, and in some cases they are seen as protectors. I personally have not been able to find a legend that does not place skin walkers and evil hand in hand. 

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